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Lindsay de Sausmarez - main headshot.jpg


Since being elected to the States in 2016 I have worked hard to make Guernsey a better place to live, work and visit. One of my main attributes is joined up thinking, making sure different policies work with rather than against each other – but ultimately, policies are only as good as their implementation. 

I’m standing for re-election in October to build on a number of strong foundations that now need effort, understanding and action to turn them from words into reality. As my parliamentary record shows, I’m an independent thinker who works constructively with people across the political spectrum to build consensus on a broad range of issues, such as climate change and our 5G policy – and an efficient consensus government is something I believe we need now more than ever. 

Representative democracy works best when it reflects the diversity of the community it serves, and consensus government works best when it includes plenty of consensus-builders. That’s why I’ve chosen to stand as an independent candidate with The Guernsey Partnership of Independents, a broad church of people committed to working together and with others in the best interests of the island. 

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